Friday, 1 May 2015

X-Wing Custom Painted Z-95 Headhunter

N'dru from the "Most Wanted" expansion pack for the "Scum and Villainy" faction. Quick 15 minute paint job, dirty but effective.

Guards Guards!

British Guards Lorried Rifle Company that I painted specifically for Britcon back in 2013 in Manchester. Over the three days I had a good run but my last few fights tapered off and I ended up in "mid-table obscurity". The force was very much rush painted, I finished about half of them the day before I travelled down to the event!

Maschinen Krieger!

Maschinen Krieger is a bit of a niche range of plastic model kits produced in Japan with a near future and alternate WWII feel. I picked this kit up a long time ago and really loved painting this guy. I still have another variant sat in it's box at home.

If you like the style of this please google MaK and see what you come up with.

Folgore as they were finished!

I sold these chaps earlier this year as I lost interest in Bolt Action. I still love the Italian camouflage and equipment though, it all has it's very own unique flavour.

Japanese Armour

I briefly dipped my toe in Bolt Action and picked up a bunch of Japanese inf and a tank with a view to playing them but quickly lost interest in Bolt Action sadly. I painted this quickly and dirtily, did a fair bit of research into the very unique Japanese Camo patterns.

Achtung StuG!

StuG battery as they were finished with the custom objective marker I made from a genuine (albeit damaged) Iron Cross.:


Finished these guys the best part of two years ago and never actually displayed them on here, so here we are: