Tuesday, 24 January 2012

As if to prove a point!?

So I'm prepping my Stuart/Sherman/Halftrack Hordes and Rommel wants in.... as per usual:

Monday, 16 January 2012

653 Schwerepanzerjagerabteilung Rides! Well almost...

Still got weathering to go on these but hitting it with the matte varnish has really tied them together well.

M14/41s for SS Kavallerieschwadron Maria Theresia

Despite them being absolutely pounded yesterday (granted I used completely incorrectly) I did a little work on the M14s last night and got them all camouflaged and a few layers of filter on them to pull them together a bit. They're looking pretty good now, I'm going to add some chipping and wear before the gloss stage today and hopefully get them 90% done in time for my matte varnish turning up.

EDIT with a little more work done:

Sunday, 15 January 2012

M14s first shots in anger, and this happened.....

They took 4 rounds in fire, frmo Shermans, I luckily rolled 6s on a range of over 16" and the other two failed their FP rolls... Three of them even managed to bail back in next turn but they didn't fare any better after this.

Then a few other pics of the same game:

Saturday, 14 January 2012

More Again Lessons From the Painting Table

So I've got the Ferdy and Elefant to the stage where I need some matte varnish and then I can weather them but alas my cans are empty so I'm going to leave these until my cans arrive.

In the meantime I've been constructing a 5 x M14/41 Carri Platoon, not for use with Italians as you might think but to go with SS and Sicherungs armies from Grey Wolf.

These guys are truly tiny and will get chewed to pieces by anything bigger than a rifle but I think they could do a job against some infantry who might get caught unsupported? They've got a 12" move, twin MG and coax MG meaning they could really give some PBI a nasty shock.

Quick Edit with a 95% complete Ferdinand and Elefant:

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Tank Hunter Progress 2

Just another quick shot post gloss varnish and I've given one of the vehicles a black pin wash with thinned Mig Abteilung 501 black oil paint.

The purpose of this pic is just to show the difference it makes.

Tank Hunters Progress

Quick pic before the gloss varnish and weathering/washing begins:

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Sunday, 8 January 2012

New (and old) kit update

So I've been doing some work today, I've based the US Artillery I cleaned up last week, base coated and started my Brummbars that have been sat primed for 4 months, base coloured the 10.5cm guns I've had primed for 8 months, re-primed an ancient Ferdinand I had lying around to paint with the Elefant I just got as part of my Schwerepanzerjagerabteilung 653 Army!

Monday, 2 January 2012

Update on US Guns.

So while I wait for my 155s to arrive and the missing parts from my Elefant to turn up (and listening to the free WWPD After Hours special I downloaded last week!) I've been busy constructing and tidying the M2A1 105s and the Auster AOP to accompany them.

I've only stuck the crew down at the moment as I like to stick/seat the guns slightly into the basing medium so as to have them sitting reasonably naturally on the base and not look too sunken. With these guns I've also based a few spotters and command rifle teams from the US Artillery HQ blister, I've yet to do the two staff teams but I likely only do one as I'll be getting an FDC for whenever I splash the points on those 155s.

With these goes a British Auster AOP, that may initially seem quite strange but I'm working out of Cassino and Commonwealth forces get access to US Support assets but still use the British AOP. I admit is a little fiddly to construct and I haven't pinned the wings on as I was kind of hoping the support struts will stabilise them, I suspect this may be an error but time will tell.

So not only have I moved into the realm of British/Commonwealth infantry here but also the start of an American infantry force too. At first I thought it was cool having that modularity to the Cassino list but now I really it's only served to suck me in to buying more crap... Damn you Battlefront!