Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The quest for decent splinter camouflage on a 15mm scale.

These pictures are from last month when I went through a phase of thinking I'd start a Fallschirmjager infantry force for Flames of War and how I'd go about painting splinter camo on such a small scale. I realise that this is a  pretty difficult undertaking so I set out with an open mind and did quite a bit of research on the matter. Some people who know me know that I dabble in a bit of WW2 Airsofting and reenactment so I've seen many shades and variants of splinter both replica and even original and know how varied a camouflage it is (below is n example of a splinter Zeltbahn or tent quarter).

 So the basic idea is that you can rarely copy a camouflage at this scale and you merely have to represent the camouflage in a method that makes it recognisable as you intended. Spent quite a lot of time on it and did a single figure first then added him to a command stand for the Fallschirmjager Pak40 platoon I've recently acquired.

 I used entirely Vallejo paints, started off with 70821 German Camo Beige and used a 50/50 mixture of  70983 Flat Earth and 70984 Flat Brown for the brown in the camo and used 70890 Reflective Green for the green patches, for the lining I super-imposed over the top of the whole pattern Reflective green again with a slight addition of Black to give a small contrast between the green patches and the green lining I added over large areas of the smock.

 I washed the first rifleman with Games Workshops Badab Black but I think this was too dark so used Devlan Mud on the following 2 figures. The colours I chose aren't the best visual match to the real splinter pattern but if I used the real colours on such a scale they didn't offer enough contrast for the camo to be noticeable.

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