Monday, 2 January 2012

Update on US Guns.

So while I wait for my 155s to arrive and the missing parts from my Elefant to turn up (and listening to the free WWPD After Hours special I downloaded last week!) I've been busy constructing and tidying the M2A1 105s and the Auster AOP to accompany them.

I've only stuck the crew down at the moment as I like to stick/seat the guns slightly into the basing medium so as to have them sitting reasonably naturally on the base and not look too sunken. With these guns I've also based a few spotters and command rifle teams from the US Artillery HQ blister, I've yet to do the two staff teams but I likely only do one as I'll be getting an FDC for whenever I splash the points on those 155s.

With these goes a British Auster AOP, that may initially seem quite strange but I'm working out of Cassino and Commonwealth forces get access to US Support assets but still use the British AOP. I admit is a little fiddly to construct and I haven't pinned the wings on as I was kind of hoping the support struts will stabilise them, I suspect this may be an error but time will tell.

So not only have I moved into the realm of British/Commonwealth infantry here but also the start of an American infantry force too. At first I thought it was cool having that modularity to the Cassino list but now I really it's only served to suck me in to buying more crap... Damn you Battlefront!

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