Saturday, 14 January 2012

More Again Lessons From the Painting Table

So I've got the Ferdy and Elefant to the stage where I need some matte varnish and then I can weather them but alas my cans are empty so I'm going to leave these until my cans arrive.

In the meantime I've been constructing a 5 x M14/41 Carri Platoon, not for use with Italians as you might think but to go with SS and Sicherungs armies from Grey Wolf.

These guys are truly tiny and will get chewed to pieces by anything bigger than a rifle but I think they could do a job against some infantry who might get caught unsupported? They've got a 12" move, twin MG and coax MG meaning they could really give some PBI a nasty shock.

Quick Edit with a 95% complete Ferdinand and Elefant:

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