Thursday, 22 March 2012

Been a while, blame computer games!

I've been a little distracted by a few games recently but I have been playing a lot of games and I'm liking V3 more and more.

I've got several pieces I'm painting for a friend and I'm almost finished one but here are some pics from earlier in the process, I'll post finished pics this evening/tomorrow.

This platoon unfortunately came with 4 motorcycle teams on small bases and are totally incompatible with the new motorcycle organisation in Grey Wolf and EW books. As a result I had to do some improvisation, I had an old bike with sidecar with DAK crew I decided to press into service and some spare large bases.

In the pics below you get a vague idea of what I'm going for but there are several more pieces that have been added since like an extra infantry figure and the MGs on the bikes. Using the spare bike with normal infantry makes the bases legal in the most recent lists, the figure I've recently added is actually an infantry man firing an MG42 over the back of the disabled/stopped motorcycle. I'm hoping this will look quite dynamic and that he's giving covering fire while his comrades move on their intended target?

More pics tonight/tomorrow.

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