Thursday, 1 March 2012

Quick Update (no pics)

Quick text only update, I've been working on a few commission pieces I've had for a few weeks but I'm having a few problems with them. Mainly in researching the new style basing of Motorcycles, I've been working on and based and base coated 4 small motorcycle teams only to find out that the new style stands have 2 x motorcycle/sidecar combinations on a large base.
 Unfortunately the blister doesn't give enough to field even the smallest amount of teams to use them in a game so I'm at a bit of a loss on what to do. I'm thinking I may actually use what I have here and mod some older models I have in my bits box to make some "action poses"? I've got an old DAK bike and sidecar which is identical to the LW ones that I was thinking about using with a dismounted MG gunner firing over the back of it or something similar? then for the second stand I was considering using a standard bike team but with perhaps a kubelwagen/schwimmwagen based with it. I like to think this reflects some of the ramshackle supply issues that befell the Germans towards the end of the war and that they'll use anything serviceable for the role needed?

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