Monday, 11 March 2013

Don't call it a comeback (I've been here for years).

I've neglected posting on here for some time due to serious reasons but it doesn't mean I have stopped gaming and painting, in fact far from it! I've played recently in my first FoW tournament, I'm getting into Empire of the Dead and I've painted a lot of new stuff for my FoW forces! A few of my more recent works are below, I'll be adding some more posts this week with more information and pics.

I recently played a LW 1750 tournament with a StuG battery, I repainted my old StuGs along side some I traded a friend for earlier this year. I finished my Pioneers I've had for several years and never got beyond priming and I have also been speed painting a Volksgrenadier company almost all of which I received as a birthday present I received in late February which is one platoon away from completion!

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