Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Muskets & Tomahawks has landed!

Now I've been waiting to try this game for quite some time, its made by Studio Tomahawk who are know for the widely known rule set of Saga which seems t be doing very well at the moment. This rules set is based around skirmish level battles fought between the French and Indian wars of the eighteenth century right up to the American Revolution.

The rule book is a mere 61 pages soft cover and a deck of cards (in their own plastic case) essential for playing. The rules are incredibly straightforward to pick up if you're anything like me and play FoW then you'll be more than used to cracking open the biblical rule tome regularly!? James and I bagged ourselves a starter box of figures each, myself the British Wilderness force and he the Indian War Party both clocking in at a hefty 23 figures for a mere £30. These boxed sets each got us off the ground running with a ~200 point force to start our raiding, scalping and pillaging! The figures are from North Star Miniatures and are for the most part excellent with only a few minor flash and mould lines but there are many manufacturers of 28mm FIW and AWI out there for the bargain hunters among us!

The games are very cinematic in scope with not only each force having objectives but also "side plots" which each forces commander which bring into play another 36 minor options for the players to think about! The main objectives often involve protecting (or destroying) local civilian population and their homes so ill have to find myself a few suitable 28mm farmsteads and bag myself a pack of civvies to be scared witless!

As for play time the game is insanely fast and relies on cards for turns and unit activations, both players put the given number of cards into the deck and take turns to draw cards from the same deck. This does mean an unlucky player could not get an activation for several cards but when a card allows a single unit to move, shoot or reload then you're rarely going to find this overpowering and really adds to the ebb and flow of the game.

Below is my first figure completed from the boxed set, I'm really not particularly happy with but it's my first 28mm figure completed in a good 10-15 years and for something that's going to get a lot of use I'm happy with the standard and will be completing the others to match!

Look out for more 28mm French and Indian Wars stuff soon!

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