Monday, 5 September 2011


4 Hetzers for my Feldhernalle force, list is done, thanks to a ncie trade with James for a stack half tracks I'm never going to use he got me these and some Pak43s (hoooo yes!). List is pretty much finished and I'm planning on using it to attempt my first tournament entry, Feldhernalle seems like a strange choice but I just get everything I like.

They're hopefully looking pretty Hungarian about now? These aren't Battlefront as you may expect but "Forged In Battle", overall I'm very, very impressed with the quality. Resin hull, with white metal guns (2 options, ones a 75mm gun and the other looks to me to be a flame thrower) and remote fired MG, all made very nicely with only one issue on one gun, which had a slight cast fault but after 30 seconds with a file it's marginally shorter than the other 3 but barely noticeable.

Below is a single WIP pic I've literally just taken along with my inspiration pics, let me know what you think.

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  1. Might I also add, I've since added the Sin Ind. Tan Filter for tritonal camo over the two models in the right of the picture. That stuff really changes these guys, they look just the part now and it darkens the tan colour nicely and really draws the 3 colours together beautifully, more pics tomorrow.