Thursday, 1 September 2011

IS-2s + Tankos = headache.

So the IS-2s are still here, I'm keeping them.

I recovered from my rant and decided in all honestly, it was my own fault for making such a stupid list, I've now bulked it out and it's 5 platoons. I need a lot more model-wise to finish it but it's acceptable and covers more possibilities.

I've been looking for methods to mount tankos to my IS-2s and still be able to do a couple of things, these things being:

Rotate turret to face ANY angle, remember this has a RoF 1 but does NOT have slow traverse so in situations where faster tanks are moving for side shots you're going to want to turn your turret to fire, not your hull which would give you +1s needed to hit.

Have the ability to remove the tankos to symbolise casualties/dismounts without starting to mess around with keeping a written record. This would also be useful when I don't field tankos in my list at all and I don't need them on.

My solution so far is this:

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