Tuesday, 6 September 2011

What's the boiling point of urine?

I ask because I've just managed it purely by human means only.

Ok, so I've taken a lot of inspiration from the guys over at WWPD in their love and interest of EW in FoW, it's an entirely "different kettle of fish" to Mid and Late War flavours. I've got a love for Somua tanks and Pz35 and 38s so it seems to be the ideal book for me, I got it on preorder if I recall correctly as I was so looking forward to it. Unfortunately I was at a bit of low point in terms of number of opponents to even think of playing this against so it never took off, I did play one proxy game with James to get the idea of what it's like and it was fun.

So with the WWPD interest injection and James' puppy like enthusiasm I've made a list I'm considering based around a boat load of S-35s with a little support sprinkled in. After handling my Forged in Battle Hetzers all last night and today I think I'll shell on the FiB 4 per box sets of the S-35s to keep my costs slightly lower(when I finally get around to going for it).

So I made my list, which I won't bore you with, but it contains a platoon of 4 25mm SA-34 Hotchkiss guns. So in pricing this stuff up I'm not doing too badly, until I see THIS (link). They ONLY come in 3s, you can ONLY field them in 4s, seriously Battlefront WTF. I've seen this a few times and it is really starting to get to me, I can understand perhaps models, were sculpted and blisters planned way before the book was finalised but this is just plain idiocy and needs to be addressed.

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  1. On further inspection of Blitzkrieg earlier this week I noticed that you CAN field the SA-34 guns as a platoon of 3, for ONE unit.

    That unit is the VERY popular Carrier-borne Light Infantry Company, so popular I've never seen outside the pages of Battlefront publications.