Sunday, 9 October 2011

Few welcome back games.

So this weekend I've managed to squeeze in 3 games of FoW, purely as a way of getting back into full swing after several weeks off. I played all 3 games against the same opponent but on different boards and different scenarios, ranging from Breakthrough and Hasty Assault to Free for All. Whilst it's not ideal to play the same opponent 3 times I am still polishing the rules out in my head and just want to get more games under my belt.

I won all 3 games pretty well with all of them as 5-2s if my memory serves, but 2 of the battles being pretty bloody. My force in this was my venerable old 7th list I'd often dismissed as just a "fun" list but in reality it's proving to be pretty versatile. I need to try them out against some different forces and ideally a more heavily armoured and armed force but I'm learning to love them again for the sheer number of tanks you can throw at an enemy.

My list is as follows:

HQ - 2 Cromwells
Armoured Platoon
Armoured Platoon
Armoured Platoon
Armoured Platoon
Recce Platoon
CV Inf Platoon

It has no artillery options at all and relies purely on weight of numbers so I'm very doubtful of its versatility, but we'll see. I'm enjoying playing this force much more than my current German offerings, perhaps it's the luxury of being able to lose a few teams and feel like I'm haemorrhaging points.

I'll be updating this week with painting progress once I put brush to model again.


  1. I really like the 7th , how did you get cv troops?
    Is that an old list before TurningTide came out?
    I'm working on incorporating infantry into my 7th A.D list but its all reluctant vet.( at least in turning tide that is)
    cool blog by the way!

  2. @ Grumpus, My initial list was from Villers-Bocage (Yes I've had it a while) but I have turning tide and am aware that there are more options in it like armoured cars and Air Support. Typhoons would be a great boon in this force when facing the really heavy armour.

    However going down the turning tide route means you only get a choice of RV or CT lorried rifles. Villers-Bocage allows you to take a platoon of Tyne Tees CV infantry, albeit understrength in my case due to points issues. That's still 7 stands of CV though which I'm quite used to being a German player.

    Thanks for taking the time to post.