Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Todays Painting

I've got gloss onto almost all of my British armour and a Mig Abteilung oil wash over that. They're starting to look ok but I had to stop proceedings to give the guys a run out, I'd arranged to play at one of my local clubs against a guy who runs Germans. They're all green and recognisable so I was happy to field them as was and he was too, I ended up defending on a No Retreat mission and was really crappy on my re-enforcement rolls 5 dice and I finally got one platoon. Long story short, I lost.

I've unpacked the British again and I'm a good way into the process again, I've also constructed and primed 5 more T-34/85s to go with my existing 5 and my Tiger P which Starmonkee (James on here) gave me from the Mid War Monsters boxed set. The Tiger P is going to be the command tank for my 653 Schwere Panzerjager list which has been constructed from THIS Article and PDF. Flavourful force, probably insanely hard to play (for and against) but it's something else to have around and I love the option you can put into this.

I've got a few ideas in mind for my T-34s, and I'll show you my 653 Schwere Panzerjager force listing below any thoughts welcome:

Guards Tank Company

HQ Section, cupola - 80
Guards Tank Company, cupolas - 635
Guards Tank Company, cupolas - 635
Tank Killer Company, SU-85 - 190
Decoy Tank Company, PIV, StuG + Panther - 210


HQ Tiger P, Bergepanther and Bergepanzer Elefant and Bergepanther 2cm - 460
Elefant platoon (2) - 600
Panzer Platoon, 4 x Pz IV - 380
Panzerpioneer platoon, hq faust - 205
Grenadier Platoon, hq faust - 165
Rocket Launcher Battery, 3 launchers - 120

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