Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The addictive perils of being an avid gamer (video and model)!

 So there's been at least a few weeks since I posted some of my more recent work, the more astute of you will notice theres a slight correlation between that tardiness and the release of several blockbuster video games. Yes, I admit it, I'm a video gaming addict and am even more prone to this ailment if a game features either (A) multiplayer co-operative and/or competative features or (B) some insanely massive and immersive world. Cue firstly Batman: Arkham City, then Battlefield 3, then Modern Warfare 3, then Skyrim, in the space of about 3 weeks.

 God help me.

 I'm going toa ctually give these games a mini review over the weekend and give my thoughts on them, however I'll tell you now my time is split between BF3 and Skyrim. If my mates are online I'll hammer the living bejesus out of BF3 if not, it's Skyrim.

 Firstly a quick word on MW3, purely on the multiplayer side you understand as the single player campaign was merely tying up ends and more of the same rinse/repeat CoD action Infinity Ward are famour for. Primarily I was left feeling MW3s multiplayer left a LOT to be desired, its interface is nicely polished, more so than ever before, but I can't help but feel they've opened up the maps way to much and made them very busy and messy. Gone are the open views matched with sometimes frustrating choke points from some of MW2 and Black Ops multiplayer maps, I find this a real loss. The maps are so hectic and fast that you'll just find yourself being gunned down or gunning somebody else down from the side or rear frequently even with team members around you. These maps seem smaller overall but packing in more tunnels and passages than ever before, I find this isn't condusive with my style of game play. Don't get me wrong I'm not a camper as such but I, with my team mates, like to be able to hold down a section of the map and know who's coming from where.
  Away from the negative, if you like fast and very furious you won't be let down, also to be noted is that even on "normal" mode (that is to say not hardcore) you are dropped very quickly compared to the CoDs of old which is one of the few things I like as I've always been a Hardcore only player in previous CoD incarnations.

I'll post thoughts of the other games I mentioned too over the next few days, especially BF3 which I have a massive Love/Hate relationship with at the moment, it's full of an insane number of minor and major bugs but I just keep going back to it. Surely that's the sign of a good game under there somewhere?

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