Saturday, 31 December 2011

Back into to action!

So I've had a few Christmas presents which were themed towards my painting/modelling/gaming hobby. Firstly some American Artillery to go with my upcoming Kiwi rifles, then an Elefant to go into my Schwerepanzerjager company, some new buildings to put on the board to spruce things up and finally a new Airbrush/compressor setup all pictured on a shiney new camera!


  1. Nice job on the buildings!!!! Who makes those?

  2. I can't really take any praise for them because they were provided fully painted. I think you'll agree they're done to an excellent standard?

    Is where you need to look, they're UK based but ship internationally. also worth noting that they're one piece cast resin, so no putting stands inside.#

    Big shout out to my good friend G for supplying these as an Xmas present!