Monday, 1 August 2011

Impulse buys.

So I'm in Hobbycraft as its the only place anywhere near me that sells any form of Flames of War kit. I can't find the section, seems to have moved, ask an assistant, its downstairs now near the front. I go downstairs, it appears they're selling off all Battlefront related items. Flames of War merch, GF9 stuff and Wargames Illustrated back issues all with 20% off.

I come home with a Jagdpanther and a box of T-34/85s...

I've wanted a Jagd for a while now and the price for one vehicle was putting me off, especially when for most of my forces I needed 2 of the damn things. So I've picked up one with the thought of keeping the ruined resin building it comes with (actually quite nice, one piece resin cast) and I'll paint it up and maybe put it on ebay.

The T-34/85s were total impulse, I have a love hate relationship with them. I love T-34s for what was one of the best tank designs of the second world war but I resent the 85 variants over use in FoWs Mid War book they simply weren't that prevalent until 44 onwards. Regardless of personal agenda I am relishing the thought of something new, I have a mind to sell these but they may become the basis of a Late War Russian Tankovy Company.

I've managed to get the T-34s all constructed and added a little extra stowage and some wear and tear to some of the fenders last night and I'm currently priming them now. Camera isn't charged but pics tonight/tomorrow as and when its back up and running.

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