Friday, 26 August 2011

They're Coming!

So I've been busy today, I stripped and worked on the older sculpted IS-2s I got from my mate Stoo and assembled the 3 new ones that arrived today.

I was in such a rush to get these painted I brushed primed them when my black aerosol ran out then I even brushed the Russian Green on when I broke my airbrush (more on that at another time, I've already ranted once today).

The discrepancies between the newer and older IS-2s is minimal, the newer models have resin sculpted cupolas whereas the new models come with 3 different white metal cupolas, open, closed and one modelled open with the commander manning the Dushka AA MG. I've used the manned AA MGs on all the new sculpts I've got, my reasoning for this is threefold:

1) They look cool as hell
2)All my IS-2s have them fitted in my list
3)Glueing the loose DShK to the loose cupolas will only end in tears. Sdkfz 250/251 AA MGs, I'm looking at you!

I'm thinking of doing these along the same lines as my T-34/85s but perhaps without the oil wash and just a standard GW wash. This for no other reason than I'm almost out of gloss varnish and I'll probably only get one coat for each tank out of what I have left. One things for sure is that I'll be using the same wear pattern (rust over pale blue) on these as on the T-34/85s (link).

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