Friday, 26 August 2011


So I've been playing Flames of War for a good few years now and I always thought it was reasonably priced, I've spent into the thousands now in total. It was never cheap, and from a very old school GW player I remember when GW hit its pricing peak 10-15 years back and things were ludicrously priced. Thankfully my GW playing days had finished long before that so I was never subjected those costs.

Recently I've been looking at new options and lists for various periods and nations in Flames of War, I got myself some IS-2s to make a pure heavy guards armoured list and get into soviets without too many withdrawal symptoms from my Tigers and Panthers. A friend of mine had some old BF casts of these which we made a deal over, a day later he has two blisters of Russian 122 howitzers to inject some new life into his Strelkovy and I have 4 IS-2s to match the 3 new ones I've ordered.

The point in my post is this, I looked at the content of the 2 blisters I'd ordered for the upcoming trade and there really isn't a lot to them, I then looked at the price, then back at the blister. I'm just aghast at the cost of some of the blisters and packs you get from Battlefront and what you actually get in them. For £26 I've managed to get 4 guns, which is only 170 points of additional options for a Soviet Artillery Battalion, you need another 8 guns (£52) of blisters. That's a phenomenal  £78 (At Battlefronts RRP) for 400 points of Soviet Arty Company before your artillery HQ  blister.

The same can be said for other units, I priced an 8 vehicle Guards Rocket Mortar Battalion at £76 (again BFs RRP) for a 210 point option!? Starmonkee on here has noticed the same issue with a relatively low points costing battery of Panzerwerfer 42s at nigh on £80 with the arty HQ added in!  Frankly, this is just ridiculous. yes, I know the point isn't about the cost per point on the table but the cost for the models, construction and packaging. That said I'm frequently seeing more and more poor value and a lot of poorly cast items from Battlefront, I love the quality of Battlefronts products in general but they are very, very small and no I'm not referring to the scale in general but to how much you get in a blister. When you unpack, de-flash, file, trim and base a Blister that just cost you £13 you appreciate just how much a few tiny little men and 2 small guns just cost you. I know that Battlefront is a company, not a charitably organisation but genuinely if this gets any worse I'll be dropping my whole collection on ebay for somebody who has the time, patience and disposable income to keep pursuing this hobby.


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