Thursday, 4 August 2011

T-34/85 update.

As title suggests a few pics of my first completed T-34/85. I wanted to get these done with a reasonable speed but to a good tabletop standard and done en masse.

Firstly Base coat of GW Chaos Black, airbrushed with a base of Russian Green then a dusting of 50/50 Reflective Green and German Camo Bright Green which I then brush highlighted this with a mix of Russian Green and Buff.
 After this I glossed the whole tank and gave it a pin wash using thinned Mig Abteilung Oil Black, I sealed this again with another gloss then added decals, thin gloss again then added weathering like streaks down the sides of the armour for this I used Mig Abt Oil again but this time Shadow Brown and sealed again with a light gloss.
 Finally I applied MIG weathering powders I used Old Rust on the tracks and a 50/50 mix of Old Rust and Dry Mud on the lower sections of the hull and turret. Finally Testors Dullcote, I don't normally use this as I've had issues with it in the past but wanted to give another try and it's worked to a reasonable degree. Not as matte as the Army Painter but that keeps leaving small white flecks on my models which you have to scrape off with scalpel when hard (not ideal I think you'll agree).

Still a few tiny details to pick out like the bocket on the engine deck and the exhausts but it's pretty much there and regardless of all the spiel above this it was VERY quick to do compared to my German work.

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