Thursday, 23 February 2012

Building update (long over due)

Like the title says bit of a long over due update. Done a bit of work just today on this after I washed the entire outside and floor boards with MIG enamel dark wash.

I hit up the outside with a dry brush of cavalry brown then a 50/50 mix of middlestone and cavalry brown in a few places. After that was done I painted the drain pipes chaos black then gave them a coat of Vallejo dark rust.

The frame works got a treatment of flat earth and the sills got a coat of stone grey.

As for the shutters I was a bit stumped so I settled for three base colours. Games Workshop foundation Orkhide shade, macharius solar orange and Vallejo chocolate brown. As for highlighting I used snot green on the Orkhide shutters and I plan to use Khermi brown on the chocolate brown ones. As for the orange shutter's I just plan to hit them on with a wash of devlan mud to tone them down a touch. Once the outside is done then the interior walls will be painted stone grey.

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