Sunday, 5 February 2012

Vapnartak - York Racecourse

Couple of cool pics from a snowy trip down to York and a great day was had by all. Pictures are nothing amazing and don't do the day justice but a few shots of a fantastic Saga demo game, a pre-ECW game on a great table and a few pictures of the upcoming WestWind game called "Empire of the Dead" which features famous fictional (and not so fictional characters) like Sherlock Holmes, Jack the Ripper and various other Victorian nasties!

The game looks very interesting with an interesting initiative system and third party characters who move and act on a predetermined set of values and can move randomly. For example the synonymous "Peeler" or "Bobby" of foggy Victorian London who move seemingly randomly unless they see people committing crimes or assaulting one another or in the worst case find the victim of one of the players. Once this happens the Peelers blow their characteristic whistle and his comrades come running from all direction to help!

I myself picked up a load of bits including the VERY new releases from Forged in Battle of the "Das Reich" T-34s, modelled with side skirts and German stowage, some FoW Flak Nests, some resin terrain and markers as well as a new Munchkin card game!

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