Friday, 17 February 2012

Kerr & King Minefield and Wire Sections

Just finished these this evening, they're the pioneer set from Kerr & King and set me back the not so princely sum of £16 at a Vapnartak a few weeks back. They have a lot of bubbles in the resin but specifically on the dead infantry and not really anywhere else. I can live with this as once painted they're presentable enough and will serve my pios well!

I'm going to drop a devlan mud wash onto the wire to stop it being quite so shiny, I really did a rush job on this as it's been sat in its base colours for a week and I just wanted it finished and presentable.


  1. Those look fantastic! Id love to get my hands on that product. Are they available from Vapnartak overseas?

  2. Ah sorry, perhaps I misworded. Vapnartak was the convention I attended.

    These are available from:

    They ship worldwide free if you order over £20, bear in mind this set cost £16 so throw in an objective or similar and you've got free postage!

  3. Edit, worth pointing out that they come in plain grey resin and the upright supports for the barbed wire also need glueing on.

  4. Thanks for the info. As a totally unrelated note my wife and I spent our honeymoon in York and try to get there whenever possible. One of our most favourite travel destinations. :)