Monday, 20 February 2012

Monday Afternoon Game.

So my mate Stoo, who originally got me into FoW years ago, has picked up V3 and has some renewed interest in FoW so we decided to have a rules game to try out the new rules and a list he'd drawn up from Red Bear. I was running my SS Kavallerieschwadron which is finished model wise but I'm still painting several platoons.

Below is a few pictures from the game and you can see Stoo being a bit vexed by his situation. Warning, there are a lot silver surfers on the table here but it's just a friendly, rules and list tweaking game in my "war-room"!

We played No Retreat with myself as the defender.

EDIT: Yes, the last pic is of 3 bogged Hetzers, "overloaded" is a bloody nightmare!

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