Friday, 17 February 2012

Yes, I have been busy tonight....

Das Reich T-34s, first 4 hit with the airbrush. Still working out the pressures etc with the finer for the two airbrushes which is what I was using this evening and it shows in several spots. In some areas I got the line beautifully fine but then the other areas were that much thicker I ended up double over the fine lines to bulk them out a touch.

Base colour is Tamiya XF-4 Yellow Green, the green is Vallejo Model Air Cam. Greeny 71022 and the brown is again Model Air Tank Brown 71041. On top of all this is a liberal coating of Migs filter for tritonal camouflage, hence the sheen as it's still wet in this picture.

I think you'll agree from the comparison shot that the filter really brings the colours together and looking much more accurate than you'd think anything with that base coat could look? Well I hope so anyway.

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